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Yampa Valley Naturals evolved out of a passion for creating scrumptious eats with a social and environmental twist.

We cook up unique organic and GMO-free treats to the people of the Yampa Valley. We use locally grown products as much as possible and are founded on the principles of sustainability. In a world that is heading further and further away from earth-friendly practices we feel compelled and inspired to bring back a sense of eco-consciousnesses to our fellow earth citizens.

By being a socially and environmentally aware consumer you can give back to our home, all while treating your health with respect (and your taste buds with delicious and nutritious eats!)

Check out our organic fresh and dried homegrown herbs, too.

Read more about eating & shopping local, organic and sustainable.


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Whew. You made it.

Welcome to Yampa Valley Naturals, your local source for indulging in organic treats such as gourmet granola’s, savory homemade breads, uniquely delicious teas and concentrates, and many other foodie must-haves.

Here at Yampa Valley Naturals, we practice zero-waste policies. This is to say that sustainability is at the utmost concern and priority for us and we transfer these principles into our delectables. Want to know more? Check out "http://www.yampavalleynaturals.org/kitchen" "Our Kitchen" page.